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For many older people this is often a question: How do I want to live in old age?
For decades, live in the comfort of your home, children have grown up and moved away, and the years had brought with them, and what any of us would want to avoid.

There is no doubt that the aging process with no return, the years pass and we can not gauge our life clock stop or move backwards. Natural thinking, and aging and age are inevitable phenomenon - biological process, but changes occurring in our body does not necessarily mean the disease but are the natural signs of aging, although not pleasant - we are slow, we have wrinkles, gray hair, bones hurt us. .. Physical abilities decreases, and the everyday needs that are necessary are no longer able to perform independently.

Older persons are then faced with a difficult decision: Should they remain in their homes despite his physical disability or to move into a residential community with like-minded people?

Communities, such as homes for the elderly offer great benefits, for example, prevent loneliness, in an emergency is always someone nearby, no more all daily obligations that you have to carry yourself in your home.

Every stage of life has its charms, but you should try to find them, and we are here to give you a comfortable old age.

Dom za starije i nemoćne

Our goal is to provide older persons in the new home where they can feel comfortable and safe, and to focus attention on individual care and concern.

We offer single and double rooms with or without private bathrooms and shared bathrooms as per international standard, so that the maximum personal hygiene easier, depending on the mobility of users, as well as accommodation in the infirmary. Common areas are air-conditioned, and adequately furnished.

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