About Us


Family home Lesiv for the elderly and disabled is privately owned and located in a quiet area. The facility is located in a modern building, surrounded by a large area of greenery that provides a calming effect to rest in natural ambient, in a very pleasant and illuminated interior. Environment outside of the building is peaceful and adapted to walking, and within 200 meters, there are church, shops and bus station. We have long term experience based on the principles of professional and human relationship with the customers.

The ground floor is the infirmary for extended treatment. Accommodation in the infirmary is designed for people who require intensive medical care after hospitalization, after extensive surgical procedures and in the terminal stages of the disease. We provide complete medical care during 24 hours. Accommodation can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on the needs and the state of the user. Customer care leads knowledgeable and experienced medical staff into two teams, under the supervision of a medical specialist, with regular and daily monitoring of vital functions, implementation of control dosing and application of appropriate therapy, and general health status and the user.

Our institution primarily provides permanent housing mobile, semi-mobile and immobile persons, if there are no obstacles in meeting the requirements for accommodation. It is also possible provider of temporary or occasional, recovery after surgery and postinzult state and palliative care. We strive to provide a comfortable residence and maximum contributions to the health and general recovery of each individual user and facilitate passing through difficult situations for users and their families.