Accommodation terms and prices


For submission the application for accommodation in our family home, is necessary to attach the following documentation:

  • completed application for accommodation and doctor confirm for admission to the family home, which you can download HERE.
  • photocopy of identity card and OIB
  • health card and identification of additional health insurance
  • medical documentation - not older than 6 months
  • statements of support payers of settling differences (or total) cost of accommodation - certified by a notary

Contraindications for accommodation

  • incomplete documentation
  • people with mental illnesses
  • people with infectious diseases
  • people who have already lost their right to accommodation or terminated contract on accommodation (in our family home)

Admission is carried out every working day


Towards the accommodation accompanied by a user needs to come and person who will sign the contract on accommodation (if not by the user). Payment is made on the day of accommodation.


Every working day there is the possibility of urgent accommodation, with prior notice of at least 30 minutes, regardless of the state of health of people and physical mobility. The person at the service of emergency accommodation can come from your own home or from health facilities.

Service emergency accommodation no extra charge !!!

Our expert team will be handed users immediately upon arrival and given all the necessary instructions and information the family, while the official reception users (delivery and documentation) can make the following days by appointment.


About the price decided by the representative of the family home, which is also the owner. It depends on the type of accommodation (whether it is a permanent accommodation, daily or weekly room), the residential comfort (single or double room) and the level of care required users (it levels 0, I, II, III).
The basic price of accommodation is 3.300 HRK. 

Situated can be at his own request, and if you can not bear the costs of accommodation, please contact the Social Welfare Centre (with whom we cooperate).

The base price includes:

  • 24-hour medical care
  • maintain personal hygiene
  • maintaining hygiene space
  • fresh food prepared according to the user's needs (three main meals and two snacks)
  • physical therapy on the order of the responsible physician
  • health care
  • washing and ironing clothes and linen
  • various activities in workshops, depending on the capabilities and interest of users
  • preservation and improvement of the psychophysical condition of the user
  • use of free time