Creative workshops

Creative workshops maintained in the afternoon. In agreement with the customer are made various utility and decorative items, conveniently be decorated our family home, and organized the exhibition in the premises of our facility.

  • Art workshop
  • Napkin technique
  • Making handicrafts / crocheting, knitting ...
  • Modelling salt dough, give weight

Fun activities

Fun activities are carried out through the establishment and encouragement of various interest groups.

  • The group of book lovers / 
  • The group of card players and chess / social games

Also in our family house is organized:

  • Marking certain national holidays
  • Celebration of the Family House LESIV
  • Works exhibitions of our users
  • Birthday parties and anniversary of our users

Religious content

  • Mass maintenance
  • Confession before the religious holidays and by appointment
  • Sharing the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick
  • Prayer of St. Crowns