With consultation and under the supervision of doctors, our medical staff provides users of medical services and assistance, such as providing supervision and drug delivery (enteral and local), measurement of vital functions, measurement of blood glucose, nasogastric tube feeding, maintenance and stoma cannula, use Oximeter, oxygen, repairing ulcers, prevention of complications due to prolonged bed rest, extraction laboratory results and the implementation of physical therapy on the order of physician or, where appropriate, beneficiaries, medical gymnastics and physical training. Caring for regular and proper maintenance of personal and general hygiene water our valuable nurses to help and persons with reduced mobility to perform their hygiene needs. For users who require specialist examinations and checks regularly arrange transportation accompanied by our medical staff.


Users of the Family House Lesiv offering single and double rooms well as accommodation in the infirmary. Interior fit the needs of the elderly, the rooms can be equipped with its own furniture. We provide services primarily permanent housing mobile, semi-mobile and immobile persons, and possible services of a temporary or occasional, recovery after surgery and postinzultnih state and palliative care. The user, depending on the level of independence and mobility is placed in the living area or the department increased attention (infirmary).
On each floor there are halls and common areas where it is possible and watching TV. Free time our users spend in a large living room, where with regular socializing in this area can be found and a quiet corner for reading the daily newspapers or some of the titles in our offer, and often the laughter behind the door a result of celebrating birthdays and other celebration.


The age of our users and their health status are the reasons why we pay special attention to nutrition. The quality of the meal we try to maintain at a high level by buying fresh varied ingredients from which are preparing healthy delicious meals. Besides the standard menu, prepared and diet including certain prohibitions. So the prepared food for diabetics, light food with reduced fat salt for bile patients particularly shaken food for people who can not chew or swallow solid food. Meals are served in a common dining room, and users who for health reasons are not able to get out of bed or want to dine in private, carry into the room where they help in feeding our staff. Users are offered three main meals and two snacks, if necessary, additional meals, in accordance with the rules of nutrition.

Levels of care we provide

Care level 0 – BASIC CARE
Covers an basic care and assistance in nutrition, general supervision and care

Covers an daily care or a few times a week

Covers an care with a minimum of three times daily at different times of the day.

Covers an care "non-stop" which includes in addition to the daily and night care.